Lifestream Calcium Natural Capsules


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Calcium is one of the most essential and important minerals in our body.

If we do not consume enough calcium in our diet, our body takes the necessary calcium from our bones to use for other essential functions. This can result in brittle or porous bones, broken bones, low bone density and weakness – especially in later life.

To ensure we maintain excellent bone health, it is essential we receive sufficient quantities of calcium every day. It is even more important to ensure that the body can utilise and absorb the calcium it is given. Natural food complexed calcium may be the most suitable form of calcium for long-term use. Usually good sources of minerals are obtained from natural plant and vegetable foods however calcium content is high in only a select number of foods.


Lifestream Natural Calcium is produced from a certified organic sea vegetable called Lithothamnium calcareum and demonstrates advanced bioavailability1. Lifestream Natural Calcium contains 32-34% elemental calcium and other important co-factor minerals including boron, magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine and sulphur.


Capsules are not recommended for small children.


Adults: Take 1 to 3 capsules daily.
Pregnant or Breastfeeding Mothers: Take 2 to 4 capsules daily.
Take capsules after food with liquid


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