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Roar Thunder Hug Drops 50ml


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THUNDER HUG soothing drops are formulated to support the immune system of an animal suffering from fear, fright and nervousness.

• Entirely non-toxic and safe for use for any animal but not recommended for animals 12 weeks or under as it may loosen stools.
• Safely used alongside current prescription medication and supplementation.
• Safe for use in pregnant and lactating animals.
• Made in New Zealand, from products sourced in New Zealand.
• Guaranteed for a shelf-life of 2 years.

Keep in a cool place away from strong odours.

Click the link below for more information: Thunder Hug drops_- Additional Information_PDF


Vegetable Glycerin, Distilled Water, Theridion, Aconite, Gelsemium


Not recommended for animals 12 weeks or under as it may loosen stools


How to use:

In an acute situation e.g. thunderstorm, fireworks, dose the animal immediately and then every half hour as required.
You can pre-empt a stress response from an impending event with prior dosing by adding two pumps in their water bowl.

1 pump = 1 dose.

Each 50ml bottle contains 130 doses. If your are giving this dose daily, for chronic stress, this bottle will last 43 days.


For ongoing situations e.g. house renovations, noisy neighbours, moving house etc, keep dosing water with every water change.


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