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ROAR’s CLEAR THE EAR oral drops for healthy ears are a unique homeopathic blend specifically formulated to push infection, inflammation, redness and other symptoms out from the ear, regardless of the trigger. It supports the immune system of an animal suffering any ear complaint.

• Supports dry, red, inflamed, itchy, irritated and smelly ears regardless of the cause
• Entirely non-toxic and safe for use for any animal
• Safely used alongside current prescription medication and supplementation
• Safe for use in pregnant and lactating animals
• Made in New Zealand, from products sourced in New Zealand
• 130 doses

The remedy must be stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, heat and strong smells, as this is proven to break down the efficacy of the product. An ideal storage space is a bedroom drawer or a kitchen cupboard away from strong smelling substances (e.g. spices) and heat (e.g. where the sun hits or where the kettle is boiled). As with conventional medicine, the optimal temperature is 10-20 degrees Celsius, for storage. Do not store in the refrigerator.

More information from the link: CLEAR-THE-EAR-clinical-notes


Hepar sulphate, Conium, Graphites and Pulsatilla


Not recommended for animals 12 weeks or under as it may loosen stools.


Instructions for use: Dose pet twice daily, (1 pump = 1 dose) for 7 days, then stand down for 3 days. If the infection is not fully cleared up, dose further, until the ear is clean from infection and offensive smells.

Maintenance: If your pet is inclined towards smelly or dirty ears, dose once weekly to keep infection and inflammation at bay.
Ingredients: Distilled water and vegetable glycerine.


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