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Detox Ionic Foot Spas:

Detox Foot Spas may assist your body in removing yeast, heavy metals & other toxins and support healthy immune function & pH levels in the body.


Cell Well Being Hair Analysis:

Appointment duration:
- Initial Appointment – record details and scan hair = 10 minutes - wait an hour for results
- Follow up consult can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on how much information needs to be covered.  

Cost: $69

What is involved:
We take a small sample of the hair (including the hair follicle) which gets scanned in store and the data is sent to a super computer in Germany.  The information is put onto your own personalised report and sent back to us within an hour or so.  Once the report comes back to us we email the client a copy of the report and they can come into the store to go through it with one of our trained staff who can provide knowledge and advice on how to read the results and what steps to take following the test.  We recommend a re-test in 3 months to follow up.



- $65 1 hour
- $35 ½ hour/follow up

Consultations usually take place in a private room located in Te Awa management centre. If walking or ability to get there is an issue other arrangements can be made 

1 hour private consultation includes an in depth, holistic look into one's health history, diet, lifestyle, and each body system to identify the root cause of presenting symptoms. Blood pressure check and zinc test may be included. A treatment plan can then be tailor-made to suit the individual and address the underlying causes of these symptoms. Herbal formula dispensing may also be a treatment option (all supplements, herbal formulas, hair tests etc not included in consultation fee, to be purchased separately). A further 10-15 minutes may be required to present recommendations or to dispense herbal formulas.

 ½ hour private consultation is a little less in depth (due to time constraints) but can suit those on a tight schedule or who may have a more straight-forward condition or symptoms with little or no complications. This includes a brief look into health history, diet and lifestyle and relevant body systems to identify the root cause of presenting symptoms. A treatment plan is then tailor-made to suit the individual and address the underlying cause of the condition or symptoms. 

½ hour follow up consultation includes further discussion, clarification or guidance on current treatment plan from initial consultation and any additional treatment recommendations. 



Introductory promo:
- Initial consultation (45mins-1hr) + nutritional plan for $120 (usually $200).
- Consults without a plan will be $60. 
- Follow up consults will be $40. 

Nutrition Consult + Complete Nutrition & Supplement Plan

Cost: $200 (PROMO $120)

The initial consult will involve an in depth discussion about your goals, current lifestyle, any relevant medical information, family history and other factors which may be influencing your health. Nicole will ask you a lot of questions about your eating practices, allergies/intolerances and food preferences so that she can tailor a plan specific to your lifestyle that will be maintainable for you and include foods you enjoy eating. Nicole will send you away with one or two specific goals to work on immediately, while she works on developing your plan. Your plan will include a complete 7 day meal plan, as well as supplement recommendations and lifestyle advice which will further support you in achieving your health goals. 

Follow Up Consults

Cost: $40

Depending on your goals and lifestyle, follow up consults will generally begin a couple of weeks after your plan has been sent out. It will give us an opportunity to assess your progress and readjust anything if necessary. If required, Nicole will send you out a follow up plan with additional recipes to build into your plan as well as extra advice to help keep you on track.

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